MACKINAC ISLAND, Mich. (Michigan News Source) – Law enforcement officials on Mackinac Island are telling people not to store e-bikes inside anywhere after the battery on one exploded and caused a fire last month.

Police Chief Doug Topolski announced that e-bikes have now been banned from the island’s police and fire department buildings. In addition, the chief said the Grand Hotel also now prohibits e-bikes in the hotel’s employee housing and other buildings, and the same goes for any local school buildings.

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The chief posting on social media, “In light of a recent residential structure fire caused by an exploding ebike battery which also caused injuries to firefighters which required hospitalization, the Mackinac Island Fire and Police Departments are urging residents, visitors and employers to take whatever action necessary to ensure that ebikes and ebike batteries are not stored indoors under any circumstances.”

He continues, “The recent fire had the very real potential to be catastrophic to the residential area occupied by full-time island residents and seasonal employees. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that a fire of this nature could pose an existential threat to many island businesses and historic buildings had it occurred un-noticed in the downtown area.”

E-bikes require a special permit to be used on the island and the island does not yet have an ordinance preventing them from being stored indoors.