I think I’ll call it “The Fraudulent Weekend.”

Yep, you heard it right, you might be wondering why.

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Well, I believe three teams that won are total frauds. 

Let’s start with the University of Michigan. I’m sure Michigan Man is beating his chest after the Wolverines thumped Notre Dame 45-14 in prime time on Saturday night. Michigan came into Saturday night’s matchup with No. 8 Notre Dame needing a big win to right the ship this season and get Harbaugh a signature win. The Wolverines were crushed by Wisconsin earlier this year and then lost a 28-21 heart breaker to Penn State last week. The Wolverines’ 31-point margin of victory over No. 8 Notre Dame outdid the program’s 26-point margin over No. 2 ND in 2006 and was Michigan’s biggest over a Top 10 team since a 38-point win over No. 5 Texas A&M in 1977. But let’s face it, Notre Dame isn’t even a Top 4 Big Ten team, let alone a Top 10 team nationally.

Yes, The Fighting Irish had won three in a row since losing to a highly ranked Georgia team at the time, but those wins were against Virginia, Bowling Green, and USC, all unranked teams. Sorry Michigan fan, but proclaiming this win over Notre Dame as some season-changing seismic event is absurd. What does the win mean for Michigan? They are now 6-2 and 4-2 in Big Ten play, making Michigan the clear third-best team in the Big Ten East and that’s it. Don’t let chest pumping Michigan Man tell you anything different. But, hey at least the Wolverines look like they are improving.

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Another team fraudulent and overrated team is Penn State. I can personally say, after sitting thru absolutely miserable conditions and watching the Nittany Lions beat Michigan State 28-7 in Spartan Stadium on Saturday afternoon, that Penn State is not worthy of a No. 5 national ranking. They might be 8-0, but my personal eye test from my seat in Spartan Stadium was that this Penn State team was unimpressive in its win over a lifeless and talent-starved team.

Some say The Nittany Lions look like a College Football Playoff contender, I say not a chance in hell. This is the second best team in Big 10 East and that’s it. The Ohio State Buckeyes will make both Penn State and Michigan look like the frauds they both are in the next month, count on it.

Finally, don’t let the Lions 31-26 win over the New York Giants on Sunday, the 2-0-1 start, and talk of making the playoffs fool you. The win ended a three game losing streak, but the Lions have basically no running back corps, underachieving performers along both lines of scrimmage, and serious issues in the secondary. Yes, the Lions evened their record at 3-3-1 with a winnable road game this coming week at Oakland. The Lions still have a slim chance of possibly making a playoff push and are in a better position than if they had lost to the lowly Giants Sunday, but the early season talk is just that talk. This team should not be mentioned in the same breath as the best teams in the NFC or even in their own NFC North.