LANSING, Mich. (Great Lakes News) – Great Lakes News has learned that Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s father is back in Michigan following the controversy of her visiting him in Florida in March.

Whitmer described her father as having failing health and suffering from a chronic illness. She said she went to Florida to care for him. However, on Thursday, Richard Whitmer made his rounds at a Lansing shopping area and was seen getting into a Tesla and driving away.

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It raises questions about the veracity of Whitmer’s story that she had to visit Palm Beach, Florida because of her father’s poor health.

Whitmer’s trip came at a time when she implored Michiganders to stay home for spring break, emphasizing that Florida was a poor choice for anyone.

Governor Whitmer concealed her Florida trip for weeks before it finally leaked. It came after her Chief Operating Officer Trish Foster went on Spring Break in Florida. Foster, who is in charge of rolling out the vaccine in Michigan, traveled to Florida while her COVID-19 positive child recovered at home.

In addition, Michigan’s Director of Health and Human Services Elizabeth Hertel vacationed in Gulf Shores, Alabama.