LANSING, Mich. (Great Lakes News) – The Michigan Chamber Board of Directors has voted to support the elements of the Voters for Transparency and Term Limits ballot proposal.

The proposal would allow voters determine the future of term limits in Michigan during the November 2022 general election.

The Chamber is guided by an 84-member board of directors which represents member businesses and organizations of all sizes, types and industries from across the state.

The Michigan Chamber has studied term limits over the years since the passage by voters in 1992 and has a been a long-time proponent of sensible reform, said Jim Holcomb, president and CEO.

“After thorough review and discussion by the Chamber Board, we believe this is a thoughtful, meaningful proposal to enhance the public policy process and discourse as well as improve transparency in government – both foundational to helping build a stronger Michigan for our families, communities and businesses. It also reflects the reality that voters strongly support the concept of term limits,” Holcomb said. “The Michigan Chamber also applauds and appreciates the bipartisan coalition assembled together.”

Michigan Chamber also urged lawmakers to hold hearings on the issue and consider placing the proposal directly on the November 2022 ballot.