ALLENDALE, Mich. (Michigan News Source) – Failed Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley announced today the formation of the Unborn Equity & Voting Integrity Alliance, paid for by Unborn Equity and Voting Integrity.

The website for the committee says the alliance is all about “saving lives and protecting Americans voting rights.” The new website is which is a re-direct to his old campaign website.

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The Alliance will be used to convince voters to vote no for two November election ballot proposals that will “radically change our Constitution and give the political elite class unprecedented power over people.”

The Alliance says that if the “Reproductive Freedom for All” passes, it will constitutionally protect abortions and dismemberment on full grown babies ready to be born that would easily survive outside of the mother (late term abortions) and give children (minor girls) access to abortions, birth control and other medical procedures
without parental approval or acknowledgment.

The Alliance also says that if “Promote the Vote” passes, it would constitutionally protect non-US citizens ability to vote, ballot harvesting, and elite politicians to lock the public out from receiving election records, potentially making it a crime to ask questions about election accuracy.