LANSING, Mich. (Michigan News Source) – GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon stood in front of a crowd in Lansing on Tuesday and demanded the resignation of State Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice after gender and sexuality teacher training videos surfaced last week.

“Somewhere along the way radical political activists decided that our schools are laboratories for their social experiments and our children are their lab rats.  And we’re saying enough is enough,”  Dixon said. 

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Dixon appeared in front of the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) in Lansing to discuss her response to the recently publicized teacher training videos regarding gender and sexuality in K-12 education. 

She voiced her great disapproval for these videos and the MDE, especially State Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice’s handling of the videos. 

“Today I am here first and foremost calling for the resignation of State Superintendent Michael Rice.  And as you can see there are plenty of parents in this state, many of whom are standing right behind me. There is no place for radical activism in our schools.” Dixon said. 

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“Someone who has such contempt for parents as to hide information from them about their struggling child, is unfit to oversee our education system.” she added. 

Dixon called for Rice to resign his position because he allowed for these trainings to occur, and has taken no action to address them.  If elected, Dixon would reorganize the MDE so that the superintendent would report directly to the governor.  

Dixon added, “Let me be very clear about something.  This is not about LGBTQ issues, this is about protecting children and protecting parents’ rights and getting our schools back to the basics of teaching our children how to read, write, and do math. Considering our test scores right now, that should be everyone’s focus in this state for the future of this state.”

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