DETROIT (Michigan News Source) – A Detroit Free Press op-ed published on Friday and titled “Parents are Not in Charge of Schools [and] That’s a Good Thing” argues that parents are unreasonable if they “demand that public school teachers protect children from exposure to any idea or perspective they’re unlikely to encounter in their parents’ kitchen.”

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As is the nature of op-ed pieces, editor Brian Dickerson is entitled to his opinion, and he has a right to publish it.

However, it may be advised that one “read the room” before doing so.

The Dearborn Public Schools, which sits squarely in the Detroit Free Press market, has been in turmoil during the last few weeks over the kinds of material available in its public school library. Dickerson referred to this gathering of more than 600 LGBTQ activists and concerned parents as “a mob” which demanded “school officials make homophobic bigotry school policy.”

At that meeting two weeks ago, people advocating for LGBTQ books in the library were met with boos and jeers at a Dearborn Public Schools meeting regarding certain LGBTQ-oriented books in schools many believe are too explicit for children.

Dearborn, which is a predominantly Muslim community, did unite with Christian parents who say they all want what is best for their kids.

“We can’t have Bibles. We can’t have Qurans. But we can have smut,” said one parents at the meeting. “God is here to protect us. I can say now my heart is full seeing the community come together in the name of protecting our children.”

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The district has removed for review six books from circulation: “Push” by Sapphire, “All Boys Aren’t Blue” by George M. Johnson, “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold, “Eleanor & Park” by Rainbow Rowell, “Red, White and Royal Blue” by Casey McQuiston and “This Book is Gay” by Juno Dawson.

Education is a key issue among Michigan voters. According to a Washington Examiner analysis, Education emerged as the top issue among Michigan voters throughout September. It’s remained a top priority as of October 16.
Democratic incumbent Gretchen Whitmer has boasted about her “historic” investment in schools in the latest state budget. GOP challenger Tudor Dixon has repeatedly said Whitmer dropped the ball by shutting down schools during the pandemic. In addition, Dixon says the focus in classrooms needs to be on reading, writing and math, not a woke social agenda.

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