LANSING, Mich. (Michigan News Source) – Now that Michigan is a “blue” state with a Democratic Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Supreme Court, Senate and House, there is plenty of finger pointing and blame going on from every corner of the state about who is responsible for all of the Republican losses.

The Michigan Republican Party is mostly blaming Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon. In a memo sent out to “interested parties” on November 10th, and posted on social media by Dixon, Paul Cordes, Michigan Republican Party Chief of Staff, said, “The hole created by Tudor at the top of the ticket was too much to overcome.” He blamed her 11% loss on losing the House and Senate as well. He said, “…it is clear that independent voters were turned off by the top of the ticket in Michigan and it trickled down statewide.”

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Cordes also said Dixon emphasized culture wars too much. “There were more ads on transgender sports than inflation, gas prices and bread and butter issues that could have swayed independent voters. We did not have a turnout problem – middle-of-the-road voters simply didn’t like what Tudor was selling.”

Cordes said Dixon had low name I.D., no campaign money and no political experience, and the Michigan GOP had to “start from scratch” after the primary, while Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and her allies were sitting on tens of millions of dollars, which they used to attack her on her abortion position through TV ads.

Cordes also blamed Trump for the losses and said, “As a party, we found ourselves constantly navigating the power struggle between Trump and anti-Trump factions in the Party, mostly within the donor class. The power struggle ended with too many people on the sidelines and hurt Republicans in key races.”

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Cordes wrote in the memo, “In what many of them saw as sending a message to Donald Trump and his supporters, longtime donors to the Party remained on the sidelines despite constant warnings of the possibility of the outcome we saw come to fruition on Election Day.”

Dixon pushed back against the Michigan GOP and their memo and said the MIGOP, “refuse to take ownership for their own failures…It’s easy to come out and point fingers now, but the truth is they fought against me every step of the way and put the entire ticket at risk.”

Over the weekend, Dixon released a statement saying that she’s considering running for the state’s GOP party chair position.

Dixon said in her statement, “Since the Michigan GOP election memo was released, a number of people have reached out and encouraged me to run for state party chair, which I am considering. We must have a unified party that focuses on winning votes and elections.

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Jimmy E. Greene, President at Associated Builders & Contractors of Michigan, tweeted his encouragement for her to run saying, “Tudor Dixon should run for State Party Chair and use her power to fix things. She’d bridge the gaps in the party. Hell I’d be her minority outreach chair if she did.”

The Michigan GOP wasn’t the only one pointing fingers about who was responsible for the Republican losses in Michigan. Failed Republican gubernatorial write-in candidate, James Craig, said in an interview on Friday that if he and Tom Leonard had been on the top of the GOP ticket, things would have been different. According to the Detroit News, both Craig and Republican Attorney General candidate Matt DePerno had been considering running to be the next Michigan Republican Party chair but by Monday, Craig changed his mind and said it’s time for new, younger leadership.

The vote for the chairperson will take place in February and will be decided by the Republican delegates. According to the Detroit News, current chair Ron Weiser isn’t expected to run again.

Bridge Michigan is blaming the Republican’s losses on Trump voters staying home. In their analysis, they said that the voters who helped Trump in Michigan in 2016 and 2020 didn’t show up in large numbers to vote against Whitmer. They said the data available might be evidence of “Trump-only” voters who only show up when Trump is on the ballot.

Former Michigan GOP spokesperson and campaign consultant Bill Nowling also agreed that Trump was the problem – but in a different way. He wrote an opinion piece in Bridge Michigan and talked about a great Republican feat that was attained: they “managed to snatch defeat from the lion’s jaws of victory.”

In his election autopsy, he puts the blame on Donald Trump, the “biggest liability for Republicans and Tuesday night proved it.”

He said, “Everything Trump touched this campaign rotted on the vine and spread its disease to other parts of the vineyard. His bullying message of might makes right and his feeble attempts to rhetorically belittle people only ensured that the crater he created on Election Day gobbled enough other Republicans to turn 2022 into the biggest midterm election drubbing of the non-White House party in, well ever.”

The Detroit News also blamed Trump. Nolan Finley wrote, “Donald Trump is a loser.” He said, “In Michigan, a slate of candidates bearing Trump’s stamp got massacred. Voters woke up Wednesday morning with Democrats in control of every branch of government for the first time in 40 years. Donald Trump did that.”

He went on to say that the GOP’s nominating convention in the spring had a “frothing fanaticism for Trump” that “overwhelmed any consideration of whether the Trump-anointed nominees had any chance of being elected in November.”

Jason Roe, Republican strategist, and past executive director of the Michigan GOP said, “I think that MAGA forces within the state got their way in all the things that they fought for. And not only do they have nothing to show for it, Republicans have been set back even further.”