LANSING, Mich. (MIRS News) – Following a Tuesday morning voter event, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer expressed concern about the continued state of Michigan’s democracy if Republican attorney general nominee Matt DePerno were to be elected.

Whitmer called the current slate of GOP candidates a troubling bunch made up of “election deniers and conspiracy theorists, people who stoke political violence and undermine our institutions.”

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“Any one of them, I think, would be incredibly dangerous to our democracy and our state,” she said.

“And that’s not a partisan statement,” Whitmer said, adding that she wishes more candidates were traditional Republicans that would be open to robust debate about issues.

“But unfortunately, we are seeing an extreme group of election deniers running for office,” she said, “and if you’re not willing to accept the will of the people from two years ago, and you won’t pledge to accept the will of the people on Nov. 8, how on earth can we trust you to lead a Democracy?”

Whitmer’s comments come at the same that former Attorney General Bill Schuette was criticizing Attorney General Dana Nessel’s in-office performance.

Schuette, who served as Michigan’s 53rd Attorney General, encouraged voters to support the entire Republican Party ticket this November, from Tudor DIXON for Governor to local county commissioner races.

“This is an incredibly important election,” Schuette said. “We need to stop the failed Biden-Whitmer policies that have led to skyrocketing gas and grocery prices, crime surges across our state and an educational failure in schools throughout Michigan.”

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He homed in on Nessel specifically, calling her out for a perceived misuse of office.

“Attorney General is a serious responsibility. From significant Constitutional issues before the U. S. Supreme Court to educational challenges in Michigan, Dana Nessel utilizes the Attorney General’s office as a political weapon for the radical left,” Schuette said. “Dana Nessel should be replaced. Matt DePerno is the better decision for Attorney General.”