LANSING, Mich. (Michigan News Source) – During Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s fifth State of the Address, she is expected to deliver remarks ranging from expanding education opportunities to rolling back the retirement tax, and stricter gun legislation to matters of abortion. 


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Recent reports indicate that the Governor intends to make “Pre-K For All” for all  families throughout the state coming in phases over the next four years.  It could come as an expansion of the Michigan Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP), expanding eligibility to families of all incomes eligible.  While differing in matters of particular policy, the governor  and then Republican Legislature passed the largest education budget in the state’s history, making the largest per-pupil investment to date.

Since her first years as governor and especially during the last campaign season, Whitmer has openly advocated against the current gun laws in favor of “common sense” gun laws that are stricter not only in gun ownership, but also penalties.  Red Flag Laws and Safe Storage Laws, among others appear to be the two at the forefront of the gun law reform movement.

In the new session of the legislature, the Republicans in the minority, have championed immediate tax relief for senior citizens and families.  Some leaders of the Republican minority shared their hopes ahead of the governor’s address.  House Minority Leader Matt Hall (R) Richland Township and Senate Republican Leader Aric Nesbitt (R) Porter Township spoke about some of their goals for the speech. 

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“We’re very much looking forward to the State of the State tonight,” Leader Hall said, “I’m really hoping to hear Governor Whitmer announce tonight that she is going to honor this income tax rollback because of the Republican leadership of Senator Nesbitt and others in 2015 we have this law in effect that if government grows by more than 40% of inflation the people of Michigan are going to get an income tax rollback.” 

Senator Nesbitt agreed with Leader Hall and added some of his own goals for the speech. 

“I would also like to see the governor’s real roads plan, what is her real roads package in terms of going into the next four years,” Leader Nesbitt said, “I’d also like to hear her come out and reject some of these left wing, progressive ideas that we’ve seen come out of New York and California, issues such as [cashless] bond for violent felons.”  

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“I hope that she would reject that as we’ve seen crime become a larger issue both in our cities and rural areas as we try to protect our families and seniors,” he added.  

A TikTok from the Governor’s account, biggretchwhitmer, begins with her standing behind the text “Reasons not to ROLL BACK the retirement tax,” then she exits the screen to a list stating “Zero.”  The caption below the video indicates the governor’s possible willingness to work with legislators from the Republican party, “Absolutely none. Michigan seniors who’ve worked hard their whole lives deserve to keep more of what they’ve earned. Period. Let’s roll back the retirement tax.”