LANSING, Mich. (Michigan News Source)- The University of Michigan and Michigan State University are among the minority of Big Ten conference players that do not serve alcohol at hockey, basketball, and football games, and some lawmakers think it’s time to for that change.

“I just feel like this is modernizing and making Michigan and Michigan college sports better,” State Representative Graham Filler said in 2022, when a first unsuccessful attempt was made to pass the legislation. “We feel like this package [would] cut into that where folks don’t have to hammer drinks pregame.”

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer, however, said she has concerns about the laws’ effects. “I used to look at it and thought, ‘That looks like a lot of fun,’ but in the last 15 years, especially during the time when I was a prosecutor, I look at that and think, ‘That’s a recipe for disaster,’” she said. “Alcohol makes everything a little more challenging.”

Some in favor of the legislation framed it as a fairness issue, pointing out that fans in the suites can enjoy alcohol, while those in the seats cannot. Stadiums would only be permitted to sell alcohol for one hour prior to the game, during the game, and 30 minutes afterward.

Whitmer said the new legislation makes her “nervous.” Still, she confirmed that she would likely sign the bill if it reached her desk.