DETROIT, Mich. (Michigan News Source)- Mark Howell, now 62, was accused of an armed robbery in 2014 despite not fitting the suspect’s description. The Warren Police Department failed to reveal the conviction of the man later confirmed to be the actual offender, resulting in Howell’s imprisonment. A lawsuit has been brought against the police department, and Howell will be paid a $320,000 indemnity from the state of Michigan under the Wrongful Imprisonment Act.
“It’s unfortunate that our system does what it does,” said Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido, who was responsible for requesting that Howell’s conviction be vacated. “It’s not a perfect system. Sometimes it’s not just, and sometimes the victims as well as the individuals who are the accused don’t get justice.” Howell is the first person freed by the office’s Conviction Integrity Unit.
Howell said he’s happy about the decision, adding that, “It’s been hard on me.” He says he’s still working on adjusting to life after prison.