WASHINGTON (Michigan News Source) – Congressman John James, a Republican who represents portions of Macomb County and the Rochester area, introduced a bill which pushes back against companies tied to the Chinese Community Party (CCP) and ensures corporations influenced by “foreign entities of concern”  do not benefit from American tax credits.

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The “No American Tax Dollars to CCP Act” would block taxpayer dollars from funding state-backed Chinese companies, and forbids joint ventures or partnerships with “foreign entities of concern.”

“Hardworking Americans who are already struggling under the Biden inflation crisis should not be forced to subsidize Chinese companies. We need to unleash and grow our economy, but not by selling our national security to the highest bidder,” James said.

Michigan in particular is facing at least three CCP-back companies which are looking to make their home in the Great Lakes State. Gotion’s electric vehicle battery plant is moving forward in Big Rapids along with CATL in Marshall and a proposed “mega site” in Eagle Township. All three communities have been outspoken against the CCP having a presence in their neighborhoods.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation have forced the idea of electric vehicle battery plants in Michigan, along with the option of them receiving incentives from tax payers. The Michigan Senate Appropriations Committee recently voted 10-9 to give remaining funding from tax payer dollars in incentives to Gotion.

In addition, James and many others have pointed out the national security risk of having Gotion be located less than 100 miles from Camp Grayling.

James is a member of House Foreign Affairs Committee.