DETROIT (Michigan News Source) – The investment portion of automaker Stellantis has announced an agreement with California-based battery maker Lyten Incorporated. The $323 million investment is aimed at helping double revenue for the car company by the year 2030.

Lyten makes lithium-sulfur battery packs that they claim can double the energy density of current batteries and improve driving range and payload issues.

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Lyten’s batteries do not use nickel, manganese and cobalt that is found in many lithium-ion batteries. According to Lyten, the key is the company’s proprietary “3D graphene” supermaterial. Although 2D graphene has been around since 2004, winning a Nobel Prize in 2010, Lyten took it a step further by taking it from the lab to commercial applications.

However, there are concerns about the longevity of a lithium-sulfur battery and how it could be recycled.