WASHINGTON (Michigan News Source) – Clorox company officials say a cyberattack last month is making a mess the company is having a tough time cleaning up – from a financial hit to ongoing production disruptions.

Clorox, which produces bleach products and Pine-Sol, said it doesn’t know when it will be able to resume full operations. In addition, the company acknowledged the August 14 cybersecurity breach will impact fiscal first quarter results due to product outages and delays. The company does believe the threat is contained.

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It expects to start bringing systems back up to speed next week, and will ramp up to full production “over time.”

After the attacks, the company took systems offline and involved law enforcement. Systems are being repaired and Clorox went to manual operations for many procedures. That move has trickled down to the consumer as the Clorox was forced to scale back its order processing which means less product on grocery store shelves.

The breach at Clorox comes as Las Vegas casino companies MGM and Caesars deal with their own cyberattacks. MGM also warned of a potential material impact on its finances.