DETROIT (Michigan News Source) – Democratic Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman tells Michigan UAW workers that he’ll always have their back, after joining their picket line and holding up a “UAW ON STRIKE” sign during a visit to Michigan.

“One job should be enough, especially when the CEOs of the Big 3 are making a combined $74 MILLION per year,” he wrote on Twitter. “If they can find money under the couch cushions for excessive bonuses, they sure as hell can make sure their workers don’t have to work 18 hours per day just to get by.”

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Fetterman said Monday that he drove his Ford Bronco 290 miles to where it was built in Wayne, Michigan, to stand in solidarity with the workers.

About 13,000 GM, Ford, and Stellantis workers are on strike since last week at factories in Wentzville, Toledo, and Wayne after demands for a 36% four-year pay raise, better benefits, and other contract changes weren’t met.

“I always stand for the union way of life,” Fetterman said. “I live across the street, you know, from a steel mill and the steel workers, you know, and I came from Pittsburgh. It’s a union town as well and I always stand for the union.”