BATH, Mich. (Michigan News Source) – A notice has been sent to parents from Bath Community Schools in Clinton County about a “concerning social media post” that has been attributed to one of their staff members. The notice says that the Bath Township Police Department is conducting an investigation into the incident and the staff member in question is on administrative leave and not on school property.

Paul Hartsig, Bath Community Schools Superintendent, says, “Our goal, as always, is to keep our students and staff safe. I understand that there is a desire for more information and as I am able to share details regarding this incident, I will continue to do so.”

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The staff member has not been identified by the police or the school yet, however, youth advocate Kasper Decoy has reported the teacher in question’s name on their Facebook page.

WLNS-6 News reports that they have seen the posts in question but weren’t able to independently confirm the accuracy of the content. Some of the posts appear on the Facebook page of Kasper Decoy, an online pseudonym, and the person who reported the social media posts to law enforcement and Bath Community Schools.

The online activist purports to be part of a national movement to identify and reveal “pedophiles” and the person has posted several alleged messages between the school employee and Decoy who was pretending to be a 14-year-old girl.

Decoy told WLNS, “At first, he (alleged suspect) was being very careful with what he was saying. He knew he was talking to a 14-year-old. And then, eventually, it switched over to him wanting me to call him master and he wanted to discipline me. He wanted me to discipline him.”

The conversation, Decoy says, began on an app called “Whisper” which is a platform where ““people share real thoughts and feelings, forge relationships and engage in conversations on an endless variety of topics – without identities or profiles.”

The conversation went from the Whisper App to Google Voice. Decoy says, “Right from the beginning he knew my age. He wanted to meet up with me, asked me if parents knew I was on the app. Those were just all red flags to me.”