LANSING, Mich. (Michigan News Source) – Here’s another reason to be thankful this year – turkey prices have fallen in time for Thanksgiving.

The American Farm Bureau Federation reports a 16-pound turkey will cost $27.35, or $1.71 per pound. That’s down 5.6% from last year. The group attributed the change to a “sharp reduction” in bird flu cases.

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However, the savings could be a wash. Industry reports suggest some side dishes and desserts will cost a bit more this year. The American Farm Bureau Federation says that the average Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people will cost $61.17, or just under $6.20 per person. That’s down 4.5% from a record high of $64.05 last year but still 25% higher than the cost in 2019.

This year’s survey found prices have dropped on average 2%-18% for stuffing mix, frozen pie crusts, whipped cream, frozen peas, whole milk, fresh cranberries and miscellaneous ingredients.

At the same time, the average prices are up 2%-4% for a dozen frozen dinner rolls, pumpkin pie mix, sweet potatoes and carrot-and-celery veggie trays.