LANSING, Mich. (Michigan News Source) – Email inboxes across the country, Facebook feeds, Instagram posts and TikTok videos were on overdrive on Tuesday, otherwise known as “Giving Tuesday.” The day is a yearly time to focus on charitable giving, whether it is in the form of service or monetary donations to a cause. The event has fallen on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving since 2012 and sits in stark contrast to the commercial shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday which preceded the charitable day.

Giving Tuesday, according to the website of the organizers, is a global initiative with 75 countries participating. Wikipedia calls it an effort to “mobilize their countries around generosity and shared humanity.”

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That shared humanity came in the form of asking for donations for abortion on Tuesday with a Planned Parenthood email in my inbox. Almost lost in the flurry of emails from the Red Cross, the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society and a charity to save wild horses, was an email from Planned Parenthood, telling me that if I sent them money by midnight, my “gift” would go twice as far. It wasn’t a gift to save a human or an animal like the other emails. It was the gift of abortion access.

In the email, Alexis McGill Johnson, President & CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America started off the email by saying, “I’ve watched our movement swell and grow over the years. New supporters are having their voices heard, health center workers are continuing to provide excellent care, and organizers are fighting harder and harder to protect the right of every person to get the care they need, no matter what.”

She goes on to say, “Our movement continues to grow. Every. Single. Day. And we have the momentum right now, which is why I’m asking for your support – so we can capitalize on our momentum and expand our movement even more.”

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Because they had a generous donor offer to match all gifts up to a total of $100K, they were asking for abortion money on Giving Tuesday because “there is no time to stop the intensity of our cause.”

Soliciting money to kill babies on GIVING Tuesday was not a bridge too far for Planned Parenthood who obviously didn’t see the absurdity of the request. But it’s not surprising. They live in a world of euphemisms and denials, and spend their time branding abortion as a positive, good, righteous and equitable thing.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t operate with true transparency about what they actually do even though everyone KNOWs what they actually do. In order to further their cause, they’ve even changed their language over the years so that what they do doesn’t sound so bad. Killing babies and “abortion” became “pro choice” and is now even called “health care” and “reproductive rights.”

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Johnson says in her email, “Together, we’ll keep fighting for reproductive rights. With you and everyone else in our movement, we know we can secure a future where freedom means everyone can get abortion care – no matter what.”

Abortion care. Talk about a euphemism.

Abortion providers don’t use REAL language because that would point out what they’re really doing – and it would offend people. On the British Pregnancy Advisory Service website for example, they describe surgical abortion as a “gentle” suction (gentle for whom?!) to remove the “pregnancy” (instead of saying it removes the baby).

And what would you have received if you had donated to Planned Parenthood by midnight on Giving Tuesday? You would have gotten a Planned Parenthood sticker as a personal thank you.


A sticker. A small memento in exchange for your “charitable” dollars being used to help Planned Parenthood dismember a living baby in a womb and vacuum out the pieces.