DETROIT (Michigan News Source) – The highly anticipated presidential endorsement from the United Auto Workers (UAW) came out on Wednesday and UAW President Shawn Fain said that Biden would be getting their support.

At the union’s national Community Action Program (CAP) conference in Washington D.C. the announcement was made with Fain telling hundreds of UAW members, leaders and activists, “This November, we can stand up and elect someone who wants to stand with us and support our cause. Or we can elect someone who will divide us and fight us every step of the way.”

UAW endorsement is about getting the power to get what they need.

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Fain went on to say, “That’s what this choice is about. The question is, who do we want in that office to give us the best shot of winning? Of organizing. Of negotiating strong contracts. Of uniting the working class and winning our fair share once again, as our union has done so many times in our nation’s history. We need to know who’s going to sit in the most powerful seat in the world and help us win as a united working class.”

Pointing to President Biden’s visit to the picket line in Michigan to stand with the striking autoworkers when the UAW was negotiating for more money and better benefits, Fain said, “I am honored to invite Joe Biden to come address our great union, and join us in our fight for economic and social justice for the UAW and for the whole working class. UAW family, let’s stand up and welcome the man who stood up for us.”

Fain went on to say, “Elections aren’t about picking your best friend for the job or the candidate who makes you feel good. Elections are about power.”

The endorsement appeared to some as an endorsement against the auto workers’ own interests as President Biden and the Democrats continue to push electric vehicles (EVs) on the country and phase-out fossil fuel vehicles all together.

It is apparent that many autoworkers who Fain is supposed to represent obviously feel that way.

UAW president says most members won’t vote for Biden to be president.

Appearing on Neil Cavuto’s show on Fox News after the endorsement on Wednesday, Fain admitted, “Let me be clear about this: A great majority of our members will not vote for President Biden, some will…The majority of our members are going to vote their paychecks, they’re going to vote for an economy that works for them.”

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That can be inferred to mean that either the autoworkers are either afraid of losing their jobs under a Biden presidency or that they can’t afford the inflationary prices that Biden has brought to them the past 1101 days that he’s been president.

Under a Biden presidency, taxpayers could be on the hook for UAW pensions.

At the same conference as the endorsement, Fain had been talking about how the federal government needed to kick in taxpayer money to pay for the pensions of the automakers if the companies aren’t willing to do so. Michigan News Source reported when Fain spoke at the conference, he lamented that the UAW was unsuccessful in negotiating secure pensions and post-retirement health care for their 145K workers, which would cost billions of dollars.

Fain said, “We’re going to keep pushing for this in the next round of negotiations. But we’re thinking even bigger, and we’re not going to wait until 2028. Either the Big Three guarantee retirement security for workers who give their lives to these companies or an even bigger player does: the federal government.”It appears that taxpayers are going to be needed to fund the pensions of the UAW workers in the future and Fain seems to think endorsing Joe Biden for the presidency will get him one step closer to making that a reality.