LANSING, Mich. (Michigan News Source) – A pack of Michigan legislators arrived in Texas on Friday to assess the situation for themselves as the Lone Star State continues to address border security issues. 

“We are gaining a better understanding of the problem at the border and how it impacts us all,” the representatives said.  

Who traveled to the border?

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Three members of the Freedom Caucus including State Representatives Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers), Matt Maddock (R-Milford), and Neil Friske (R-Charlevoix), journeyed south to better understand the immigration policies. 

“We are going to meet with the locals, ask questions, and better understand this alarming situation at the border,” said Vice-Chairman Matt Maddock.

“The border crisis impacts the entire United States,” said Secretary Neil Friske.

Some Michigan legislators call for support of Texas. 

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In early February, two letters were submitted, one to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and the other to Texas Governor Greg Abbott advocating for support of Texas’ defense of the southern border. 

State Representative Phil Green (R-Millington) shared that his letter has been in development for some time. 

“We started working with Governor Abbott’s office over the past month as the fight intensifies,” he said in an interview with Michigan News Source, adding, “The federal government started throwing roadblocks in the way of the state defending its own border.” 

He underscored  that the “constitution provides for states rights, we are united states, emphasis on states.” 

Initial findings at the southern border.

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The legislators were at the US-Mexico Border to learn more about the developing situation, sharing some of the initial findings they had while visiting Texas. 

“Something interesting is how much the community has seemed to be organized to facilitate the journey of illegal immigrants to our country,” they said in an email to Michigan News Source. 

According to the ranking members of the caucus, there are some ways that Michigan legislators can support the state of Texas. 

“Michigan can make sure we don’t incentivize illegal immigration by not issuing them driver’s licenses and handing out taxpayer funded benefits,” they said in the email. “If we want to help protect our nation from illegal immigrants, some of which are dangerous according to local law enforcement and border community members, we could consider sending the Michigan National Guard to help deter illegal immigration.” 

What’s the federal government’s role?

The Michigan legislators also expressed that the Federal Government is playing a role in border security. 

“The federal government appears to be part of the welcoming committee for illegal immigrants,” they said in the email. “Although nice people who are simply doing their job and taking orders, the border patrol facilitates the effort of illegals migrating which keeps them busy and paid.” 

During their visit, they also clarified some observations about who seemed to be passing into the United States. 

“People of all ages are crossing the border including children,” the email said. “The biggest concern according to the Texas National Guard is young adult males often from Colombia and Venezuela as well as adults from China and the Middle East. People are coming from all around the world.” 

What’s Next?

The group also acknowledged how profitable illegal immigration is, and “like anything the government messes up, the worse the issue becomes,” they said. 

“Joe Biden and his democrat cohorts need to quit rewarding illegal immigration; legal immigration where people come over, work hard, and provide for themselves and their families without assistance is the American Dream and is a key component of what is needed to solve this issue,” the email said. 

The Freedom Caucus is planning to have a press conference on Tuesday to share more about the trip’s findings.