WASHINGTON, D.C. (Michigan News Source) – United States Congressman John Moolenaar had an amendment pass in the House, which would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from giving water permits to companies and subsidiaries that are controlled by foreign countries of concern. 

The amendment alters the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and highlights the number of “foreign countries of concern” to include China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. 

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“My amendment protects Michigan’s natural resources from being used by companies that are controlled by our nation’s foreign adversaries and it prohibits the EPA from issuing them any water permits. Under no circumstance should CCP-affiliated companies like Gotion be allowed to use Michigan’s water. This is commonsense legislation and I encourage the Senate to immediately pass this bill,” U.S. Rep. Moolenaar said. 

The amendment passed the House by a voice vote on Thursday. 

House passes the bill as Gotion opens a lawsuit in Michigan.

The legislation passed as a Chinese linked company developing an electric vehicle project in Big Rapids is seeking to continue its development, and would require several hundred thousands of water daily. 

Gotion High Tech Inc., which has received millions in taxpayer subsidies to build an electric vehicle plant, has sued Green Charter Township for breach of contract.  The former board members approved a water line extension for Gotion in October 2023, but they were all replaced in a recall. The newly-elected township board voted to rescind that extension.

“To prevent the township’s sudden recalcitrance from unraveling an endeavor already years and millions of dollars in the making, this court should order the township to comply with its obligations under the parties’ agreement,” the lawsuit filed March 15 said.

Gotion’s Vice President of North American Manufacturing, Chuck Thelen, highlighted the company’s obligation to safeguard its interests in the face of non-compliance. 

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“It’s unfortunate that Gotion has had to resort to litigation to get the township to comply with their obligations under the agreement.” He said in a statement, adding, “We’re unable to comment further since this is now an ongoing legal matter.”

The company says they need lines to draw up to 715,000 gallons of Michigan groundwater daily for operation.