LANSING, Mich. (Michigan News Source) – Chasten Buttigieg remains resolute in his mission to shine a spotlight on what he views as a pervasive anti-LGBTQ+ bullying environment and did so by delivering an anti-trans bullying lecture at Michigan State University’s Department of Theatre on Saturday, March 16th.

Chasten is a staunch LGBTQ+ rights advocate and the spouse of Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. They have a home in Traverse City, although they spend most of their time in Washington D.C. with their twins.

Traverse City native.

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Chasten was born and grew up in the Traverse City area, worked at a cherry products store, drove tractors on his grandfather’s cherry farm and won an award in a pit spitting contest at the National Cherry Festival. He attended Traverse City West Senior High School and went to the city’s college, Northern Michigan College.

Chasten Buttigieg has become increasingly outspoken on social media, during speeches at various universities, and through other platforms regarding anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and censorship of books. He is also the author of the New York Times Bestseller “I Have Something to Tell You,” recounting his personal journey towards acceptance as a gay man.

Advocating LGBTQ+ issues including bullying.

During his lecture at MSU, Chasten delved into what he sees as the complexities facing LGBTQ+ individuals, particularly young people. Drawing from personal experiences and connections within the LGBTQ+ community, Chasten emphasized the collective neglect faced by vulnerable LGBTQ+ youth.

He also condemned recent legislative measures targeting transgender and nonbinary individuals, recognizing the dire consequences for the affected youth, saying, “Trans kids, especially, all they want to do is stay alive. That’s their dream in this country, is to stay alive.”

Husband Pete busy with bridge disaster.

Ten days after Chasten advocated for the LGBTQ+ community, husband Pete, was busy dealing with the aftermath of the Baltimore Bridge accident which happened when a container ship struck a support column for the Francis Scott Key Bridge around 1:30 a.m. on March 26th. The accident triggered a collapse of the bridge.

During a press briefing on Wednesday, March 27th, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg discussed what Politico calls a “three-fold” challenge: reopening the port, dealing with the supply chain problems and rebuilding the bridge.

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Politico says this moment is Buttigieg’s “biggest test yet.” However, some are saying that he’s failing the test including Breitbart News who highlighted a recent Q&A with Buttigieg where he wasn’t able to answer any important questions like how many ships are stuck in the harbor or when the port will be reopen.

Future of Baltimore port unknown as questions remain unanswered.

The phrase it’s “too soon” was spoken by Buttigieg seven times during his press briefing when asked questions – and he couldn’t confirm if the port would be open in days, weeks or months.

While Chasten Buttigieg continues his efforts against LGBTQ+ bullying, Pete Buttigieg faces an unprecedented challenge which will take a similar and unwavering commitment to overcome the obstacles of the task in front of him.