LANSING, Mich. (Michigan News Source) – Michigan’s Senate Republican Caucus sent a letter to Attorney General Dana Nessel opposing what they call her “misguided” plan to sue the oil and gas industry over climate change.

The letter notes, in part, “Beyond attempting to cripple an industry critical to our state’s economy and well-being, such overtly political litigation sets a dangerous precedent. The legal system should not be used as a tool for advancing political agendas or targeting political adversaries. Such an abuse of power threatens the public’s trust in our institutions.”

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Earlier this month, Nessel cited “climate change” as the biggest issue facing Michiganders.

State Senator Michele Hoitenga (R-Manton), one of the 18 lawmakers who signed the letter, pushed back against Nessel’s political posturing. “The people of Michigan elected the attorney general to do a job on their behalf, not to hijack the office in pursuit of her own political agenda,” said Hoitenga. “This misguided lawsuit is an irresponsible waste of tax dollars and public resources and an unprovoked attack on a vital industry that employs thousands of Michiganders and fuels the lives of millions more.”