WASHINGTON (Michigan News Source) – The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled on Thursday that the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine lacks standing to be able to challenge the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) decision to remove safety protocols for mifepristone, an abortion pill.

The 9-0 opinion is being lauded as a victory for reproductive freedom, but Justice Brett Kavanaugh explained otherwise:

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“The doctors have not offered evidence tending to suggest that FDA’s deregulatory actions have both caused an increase in the number of pregnant women seeking treatment from the plaintiff doctors and caused a resulting diversion of the doctors’ time and resources from other patients.”

Mifepristone is prescribed to end pregnancies through 10 weeks. It blocks the pregnancy sustaining hormone progesterone. The patient takes two pills over several days, which causes the uterus to contract.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who has built her second term in office on a “fight like hell” mantra of abortion access through all nine months of pregnancy, lauded Thursday’s decision and discussed the importance of staying vigilent.

“Here in Michigan, we repealed our criminal bans on abortion and surrogacy, enshrined abortion rights in our state constitution, and made it easier to access birth control and IVF. We will keep fighting like hell in Michigan to protect people’s fundamental freedom to make their own decisions about their own bodies.”