LANSING, Mich. (Michigan News Source) – Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer has made it clear that she is not planning to run for president, either now or in the future. That’s what she said to writer Nancy Kaffer when she was interviewed by the Detroit Free Press in June for her book “True Gretch” which was released today.

When asked if she’d be running for president in 2028, Gov. Whitmer said, “I have no plans to run for president, not this year, not in the foreseeable future. I’m not making any plans on that front.”

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That interview, however, was before current President Joe Biden imploded during what many call a disastrous debate performance on CNN on June 27th against former President Donald J. Trump.

Whitmer still supporting Biden as nominee.

Nevertheless, Whitmer has reaffirmed her support of Biden since the debate, saying in a statement, “I am proud to support Joe Biden as our nominee and I am behind him 100 percent in the fight to defeat Donald Trump. Not only do I believe Joe can win Michigan, I know he can because he’s got the receipts.”

She’s also said recently to the Associated Press that even if Biden stands down, she won’t be running to be the nominee.

Despite the buzz around her potential candidacy fueled by calls for Biden to step down and her memoir “True Gretch” being released today, Whitmer insists her focus remains solely on her current role and supporting President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign as a co-chair.

In the state of Michigan, Whitmer is known for her promises to “fix the damn roads,” her dedication to abortion rights, and her Covid lockdowns. She reportedly has a 67.8% approval rating in Michigan, much higher than many of her counterparts and President Biden. She is also known for her frequent use of profanity, often swearing in X posts online, in speeches, and in interviews.

Chronicle of ambition and resilience.

Whitmer’s 158-page memoir, “True Gretch: What I’ve Learned About Life, Leadership, and Everything in Between,” has been interpreted by many in the media and political world as a stepping stone to higher political ambitions.

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Her publisher, Simon & Schuster, says about the book in their online description: “From trailblazing Michigan governor and rising Democratic star Gretchen Whitmer comes an unconventionally honest, personal, and funny account of her remarkable life and career, full of insights that guided her through a global pandemic, showdowns with high-profile bullies, and even a kidnapping and assassination plot.”

The book highlights 10 life lessons in what Whitmer calls a “handbook” and the Free Press calls “pragmatic.”

On the back cover, along with other reviews of the book, is one written by Hakeem Jeffries, Democratic Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives. He said, “True Gretch is filled with wonderful stories detailing an important public servant’s commitment to doing what is right for the people. This book is both a road map for how to get things done and a source of inspiration for engaged citizens in our democracy. It is also funny, bringing much-needed joy to the reader during a time of great solemnity.”

Political lessons and personal stories.

In her memoir, Whitmer shares many candid anecdotes from her time in office and personal life. As stated by her publisher, she addresses significant events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the Oxford High School shooting, and the infamous kidnapping plot.

Leadership through turbulence.

In “True Gretch,” Whitmer recounts her experiences during different challenging events, emphasizing her approach to leadership and crisis management. One of the standout stories involves her reaction to the verdicts in the kidnapping case while she was at Comerica Park in Detroit, highlighting the emotional toll such incidents have taken on her and her team.

Acknowledging mistakes.

Whitmer also does not shy away from admitting her mistakes according to media reviews of the book. One notable instance she recounts is the controversy over her dining at an East Lansing bar, the Landshark Bar & Grill, during COVID-19 restrictions. She addresses this incident in her book, emphasizing that everyone is human and makes errors, but it’s essential to own up to them and move forward.

Like many Democratic politicians at the time who weren’t following their own Covid advice and mandates, she chose, in 2021, to dine out at a restaurant while others couldn’t, violating the state’s mandated social distancing guideline.

Personal and political perseverance.

In Whitmer’s book, she also shares personal stories that shaped her resilience and leadership style. From humorous accounts of her teenage years to serious reflections on her experiences with sexual assault, reviewers say that her memoir provides a comprehensive view of the person behind the politician.

Focused on Michigan.

Whitmer’s memoir may read like a campaign book to some, but she insists that she remains steadfast in her commitment to Michigan and her current role as the state’s governor – albeit with many profanities thrown in for good measure.

And true to form, she concludes her interview with the Free Press, telling them, “At the end of the day, I want to get shit done.”