DETROIT, Mich. (Michigan News Source) Bill Ford, executive chair of Ford Motor Company, and his wife, Lisa Ford, successfully raised over $19 million for the MCS Children’s Endowment Initiative, exceeding their initial goal of $10 million. This effort coincides with the grand reopening of Michigan Central Station and aims to enhance support for youth-serving nonprofits in metro Detroit.

The MCS Children’s Endowment Initiative, in partnership with Detroit-based The Children’s Foundation, intends to establish permanent endowments for 10 youth-serving nonprofits. These endowments will ensure long-term financial stability, enabling the organizations to focus on their core mission of supporting young people and their families. Additionally, these nonprofits will receive two years of technical support and access to resources in the newly refurbished Michigan Central Station.

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According to The Detroit Free Press, the Fords were instrumental in launching this campaign with a personal contribution of an undisclosed amount.

“We have long supported youth organizations because we believe in the power of next generations,” the Fords said in a statement. “This endowment campaign, in partnership with the Children’s Foundation, will bring us together in new and unique ways, creating a sustainable commitment to serving the children of Detroit.”

Applications for the endowments are open to nonprofits serving youths up to age 24 and their families. The deadline is August 1, with more information available at